Rains in Sri Lanka features of rest in September

If you are told in a travel agency that in Sri Lanka, if there is rain, it is short- then this is not at all so). We were so lucky that at the end of September in the south of the island the rains were very long. Of course, the travel agency can not predict what the weather will be like on the island. But either way, I highly recommend bringing in a raincoat or a non-wet jacket. So, what is the prolonged rain in Ceylon: All day and maybe even at night, pour rain either strong or weak with small breaks of half an hour. Heavy rain is a downpour. Under it you get wet in 5 minutes. Light rain is a slight drizzle – under it you get wet for an hour. If during this you go on a scooter – then in 20 minutes. If it rains lingering, what should I do? – Hang out at the hotel, stock up on Calypso rum and cola and quietly watch the ocean – if there are tables and a canopy. – When the rain decreases, you can buy up in the ocean. Then we come back again for contemplation of the ocean. It is better to dry things in Sri Lanka in a hotel room, because on the street due to humidity they do not dry out. Going on excursions when it rains is a dubious pleasure, because everything is wet, it is not convenient to walk, to take pictures too. Therefore, it is better to go to Lanka all the same in season. Well, or hope that the rains will be short.