Deception and kidalovo in Thailand. What you need to be prepared for. True Stories

We were going to Tai to go. Popular and fashionable holiday now :-). Given that almost everyone writes how to live well in Tai, I would like to look at the negative side, because many tourists get to Thailand for money, due to their inexperience and bad luck with the Thais. The land of smiles is not so smiling! Before traveling to Tai, I recommend everyone to go to the Vinsky forum, and read the section about Thailand: We are going to Tai to go. Popular and fashionable holiday now :-). Given that almost everyone writes how to live well in Tai, I would like to look at the negative side, because many tourists get to Thailand for money, due to their inexperience and bad luck with the Thais. The land of smiles is not so smiling! Before traveling to Tai, I recommend everyone to go to the forum of Vinsky, and read the section about Thailand: Well, below are listed cases of deception and divorce for the money of Russian tourists. All of them are taken from the forum. I just collected them in one place, which would be convenient to read.

1) Theft in Buses

Method of protection: Do not check in valuables in luggage, but keep everything to yourself and be careful! Since during night crossings your bag can be cleaned on the bus! P.S. As it turned out, even souvenirs and jeans are stolen! History: Attention compatriots!!! Phuket, Suratani, Krabi, Samui, etc.Just returned from Phuket with a wild disappointment in Thailand.Here's the thing:We bought a transfer from Phuket to Bangkok in a tour agency at a fairly attractive price of 650 baht per person, when neighboring agencies for 1100 offered, the catch was not immediately seen, because at the Phuket station this ticket is 470 worth.Picked up how to log out of the hotel at one o'clock in the afternoon on the minibus.Everything is ok…Just drove past Phuket town straight to the city of Suratani 4.5 hours on the way.Surprised, well, come on, they have their own quirks there…In Suratani they brought to the tour agency, the sticker was sticker to everyone with the destination and for an hour to walk around the city was sent, who wants.Then from the agency on tuk-tuks to the stops were taken.Departure at 19.30.Fitted a large VIP bus, suitcases and bags in the luggage compartment, which on the first floor was hidden left.Well, Man 20 in a large bus, everyone even had enough space to lie down.The people are motley from Russia, America,Canada,France.Overnight transfer,to Bangkok at 7 am should arrive. 6 am, we wake up to the fact that the Thai driver shouts: "everything on the way out the bus is broken, we are seated in a taxi for 3 people, Bangkok is not far away." Help things on the taxi to push, let's go…Really 20 minutes and we are near Khao San Road.We ask the same taxi driver to the biok sky to throw,does not agree,at the bus stop waves.Well, okay,slow down the other,let's go.In the hotel we decided to unpack things,and go to the city.Open the suitcase and awesome!No credit card hidden in the depths,new mobiles,JEANS and those paddles sperli!!! That's how the trip, we rush to block the card in the lobby via the Internet.And 12 thousand baht has already been taken away!And this is a debit visa!!! We call the tourist police, they can not help in any way, because we do not have any tickets or bus number, nor the name of the travel agency!They send to the office for kao san, there is sent to another, etc. There is no assistance and sympathy …Be alert, and if you understand that you got to these freaks, take your luggage with you on the bus and do not give it under any pretext!!! They will drag everything, down to souvenirs!

2) Accusations of theft

Defense: The story is murky. It's probably best to ignore and walk past. History: We rested with a friend in Phuket, on the last day 3 hours before leaving for the airport we wanted to eat, when we went back to the hotel a Thai man jumped up grabbing a hat from his head and began to say something insistently. Did not understand him he began to show aggression grabbing his hands, offered gestures to go to the hotel hoping to find an interpreter. The hotel revealed that he was accusing us of stealing the hat. They tried to explain that the hat was bought a long time ago on the day of arrival, to no avail. he will say like there is a shoot on which you can see that a friend hat was dragged away, since my friend and I bought 2 hats for her and me at once, tried to prove showing 2 hats, the effect of zero immediately changed his shoes and stated that the two of us stole although before that he did not notice me at point-blank range. The interpreter advised to give him the money and not to get involved because there was little time left before the plane, we at least upset but gave it away. And then the MOST TERRIBLE money began he did not take and immediately ran to call the police, the police arrived after 2 minutes, we were persistently offered to go to the police, there they shouted demanded sports waved handcuffs in front of his nose, then almost affectionately asked not to create problems and forked out on the calculator showed the amount of 10000. Gave Away The plane roared, it was disgusting and nasty. Tell me what could have been done in our situation.

3) Robbery in Thailand

Method of protection: do not walk in dark alleys History: A friend from Thailand returned yesterday, he was well disemboweled in this glorious resort town. The layout is as follows – on the street he was approached by two, like a local resident (one of Arab-Central Asian appearance, the second – something between a Chinese and a Thai – according to the description of a friend). Here is the one that is not a Thai, but an Arab offers on a quite decent Russian very cheap pebbles all sorts of from Myanmar, but you need to walk a couple of blocks, "to the place" so to speak. A friend, pleased with almost freebies, decided to please his wife at home, with a rich gift. As a result, on the way they took you to a more deaf place, and at knifepoint they take away everything that is not valuable with you (a friend got on a VISA credit card + 150 tanks + 12,000 baht + digital MiniDV video camera JVC GRD23 + mechanical watch LONGINES). Of course, I immediately contacted the police – they were suspicious, but no one was found. Although they took the address, and promised that the supostats would certainly be found. So, be careful who is going there now, do not be fooled by the "cheap Burmese sapphires" on the street!

4) Divorce in a restaurant

Method of protection: Carefully read the prices on the menu, as well as see who eats in the restaurant, if there are a lot of locals – then the institution is most likely normal. History: Tandoori Restaurant is located in Patong, almost in the middle of the bay, near the beach street, on a street perpendicular to it. They blatantly deceive tourists, offering to first divide each ordered portion into 2 plates (there were two of us), and then they bring a bill where everything is doubled (despite the fact that there are photos of dishes on the menu, where you can see how many kebabs, how many calamari in the dish). But this is not enough – they bring not ordered rice with masala, and then in the bill-2 rice-500Bt)))) and masala-350Bt)))) They also said that the ice is also paid)))) We broke the bill in front of their eyes and began to dial the number of bodies. They immediately abandoned their demands, but the sediment remained with us. We met compatriots, it turned out to be the same with them, but they were afraid not to pay, and they did not know the language. And how they served in the beginning! Boogeymen-how burned and everyone wondered if everyone liked it? squid were normal, and instead of lamb kebabs they brought boiled inedible meat in some nasty boneless, we did not eat it at all. Be careful! and if you see that they are breeding, do not be afraid! Pretend. what to call . They're afraid of the powerhouses themselves!

5) Theft in the hotel from the safe

They steal in hotels! If you leave the money, they will most likely steal it, or take part of it. Therefore, money cannot be left outside the safe. But what to do when and from the safe is stolen? Method of protection: Read reviews about the hotel where you go. History: Pattaya. Pratumnak. Baan Picha Hotel. Luggage storage with padlock. They hung their own castle. We put 2000 bucks in cash. As needed, they took one bill from the pack. After 10 days we crossed the lack of 800 ue. What's the big deal? We double-checked ourselves – looked at the records on expenses – we did not go on excursions, we did not go to clubs, and there is no money. We decided to double-check – maybe it seemed. We took a handbag with a snap-on lock. The whole castle was evenly smeared with lipstick – it looked as if it was the same color. They put it in a safe and closed it. Two days later they opened it – the lipstick on the lock of the bag was smeared – so someone climbed into the bag. 'S nuts. They don't have video surveillance there.

6) Rent a scooter and then divorce to pay for scratches

In Tai, many take a bike or scooter for hire. And sometimes when it is handed over, they demand money for scratches that were. And sometimes they overestimate the price for repairs if you drop a bike. And they also take a passport as a pledge, which is not given until you fork out The method of protection: Firstly, do not give a passport in any case! Secondly, take a picture before renting all the scratches on the bike + add them to the lease agreement. Usually they are simply designated schematically. Well, if you still fell off the bike and scratched it, it is best to repair it yourself! History: Phuket. Motobai is rented near Bolshoy S. first for 3 days for 600 baht, then replacement with a new Suzuki, 10 days 1600 baht. On 30.12.05, moving along the left side of Second Road (Patong), in the direction of Karon-kata, somewhere approximately opposite the Bear, with the oncoming one, an elderly Thai woman on a motobay turns forward. me with a friend in the back, experience driving a motorbie and in general on 2 wheels is a minimum, the speed is very small, I look into the eyes of this thai…. well, if I hadn't braked, I would have come to her left leg… braked only, too much… both handbrakes…. laid the motorbi shorter.. not much. girl injured (leg abrasion) and motobai : Scratch on the left side of the front plastic Scratch on the front plastic, on the mirror, on the brake handle and on the rubber handle… Taika knocked down SCUCA. gasped, gasped, plastered the abrasion with a band-aid and went to the nest to be upset… Then, warning a divorce from the landlord, I decided to consult with a friend of Taika's for the cost of repairs. I arrived, showed me a motorbike, drove immediately with her to the Workshop in Kata, she talked to the repairman … Summary: 2500Bath, 3 days. New model, nou spärrparts, believe exhibition… I said I would bring a motorbike after a new year for repairs. They categorically said not to show in the office, but to repair them, for example, in the office they will divorce for 5-8 thousand Baht. I decided, to clear my conscience, to stop by Nanai Road, to show someone else … Verdict : 2000 THB money tudei, tumorrou changing… it was interesting… On the way from the zoo, I stopped in PhuketTown, near the office with the inscription Suzuki, I ask, where can you buy speparts here? sent to ShowRoom, drew a travel map… Arrived, in 10 minutes, counted all the details: 1300 bat, along with the work, agreed to do it before leaving. All troubles are eliminated in 40 minutes of work, 1300 baht. We gave a bunch of souvenirs, everything is very cultural, clean and in general…. The motorbike was washed before giving it away… In general, everything is through their ass. We come to the official dealer with the repair of the car, and you pay in 3-4 ends compared to the garage service, and everything is somehow wrong with them :)))) God forbid you use these tips, but if anything, then in my experience, it is cheaper to repair the motorbie from the officials. Good luck on the roads. and on girlfriends too.

7) Entrance to attractions, divorce for money

How to protect yourself: Fall into the cold, find out everything yourself and not pay. History: Now a ticket to the Grand Palace costs 400 baht, but it includes 3 tickets, the Grand itself, some kind of museum (did not go to it) and the ticket is a very interesting place Vimanmek palace, you can go to it with this ticket for 7 days, it is quite far from the Grand Palace. Vimanmek liked even more than the Grand. Once again I would like to warn everyone that while you are walking to the main entrance of the Grand Palace, you will be approached by a type of tourist police, (with cardboard on your pocket or badge), know – this is a divorce! None of them are tourist policemen, but ordinary breeders – helped. He will come up to introduce himself, ask where, from where, then say that unfortunately the Grand Palace is closed for the Budi holiday or something else he will come up with, but there are still a lot of interesting places, even mark them on the map and say that in all these places you can take nearby tuk-tuckers, for only 40 baht! They are with him in the share and will most likely still be taken stupidly to the stores being fed. At first we did not understand that this was a divorce, but politely refused his annoying recommendations of the "tourist policeman" and went further, there were still plans to see what to see, then another similar one came up.And approaching the main entrance to the Grand Palace, lo and behold! he is open and working, it became clear what kind of help, already on Egypt it becomes like Then faced with another divorce ))), well, he is not so frank. Right at the main entrance, there is a Thai and massively filters the farangs, in this clothes you can, in this you can not and if the girl in the skirt gives her a scarf to cover the open parts of the body, take a lock of 300 baht, and rent 100, i.e. when returning they will return 200, we were not confused, not so much money. But going behind the gate, 2 meters, on the right there will be the same service even with a changing room, but from the Grand Palace itself and completely free of charge… Here are a couple of tips, good luck!

Theft Charge 2

Solution: Freezes. History: It all happened like this, I went to buy cigarettes in the seven-eleven. I bought it, I move 20 meters away from him, catches up with the Thai and says that I stole 200th, asks to return to the store. Back in seven I try to explain that I did not steal any money and 200b is just a ridiculous amount and then there was my jamb, I said – call the police. The police arrived and began to watch the video recording from the cameras. On the cameras you can see that I buy cigarettes and go to the exit around me spinning some thai and EVERYTHING. (whether she is a seven or not I did not understand) Who I allegedly stole 200 bat I also did not understand. They handcuffed me and put me in the car. Then they took me to the policy station, there is a kpz or whatever it is called I don't know, to the second floor. KpZ is one common door-grille on the lock and about 8 separate chambers inside. Things were not confiscated, so from the valuable in plain sight was my iPhone + watch, this apparently attracted the attention of the local gang (one long with a snake tattoo in the full back and two less Thai). After a few blows I fell, there was blood from my head (very strong dissection) kicked, I thought that if I pretended to lose consciousness I would fall behind. No. They dragged me to their cell, began to resist again and call for help from the police. The cops watched and laughed. Then a few more blows from the Thais and threw me into a separate cell + locked with a key (Closed the long Thai who and began to beat me, apparently some authority of the local level who runs there, opens-closes the cameras, and removes the handcuffs) Asked the police to call me a doctor, showed that there was blood from the head and face – no reaction. Then I started calling where I could until I ran out of money. I called back the conusl or his assistant, said that they would try to solve it, but apparently nothing happened, no one called me back. They released me at 16 in the afternoon, paid me some kind of fine of 100bat. Apparently no one wrote a statement against me. Of course, I didn't have any documents with me. All bruised with a dissection on his head. My mistakes that I apparently forgot to take into account that this is Thailand and had to pay what they wanted there. Answering past questions – No I was not rude to anyone, did not resist and did not run away, was calm, because I was struck by the absurdity of the situation. I certainly did not steal money, I do not have such a habit and had a little more than 2 thousand baht with me.

Plant drugs, grass

How to avoid: Don't take anything from anyone. It's freezing. History: And the set-ups in Pattaya are gaining momentum. And not small, but tougher and more expensive. For the last time, in 2011 pattaya November, in the evening, I sit alone on the beach opposite View Talai 6, a Thai peddler comes up offering all sorts of stuff, I refuse everything, he begins to offer marijuana for 500 b, I am alarmed and refuse. Then he takes out a bag, puts it on my table, and with the words that (approximately!) like he will later come for the money very quickly leaves. I understand that the pussy is beginning. There are few people around, I turn around I see a Thai aunt serving this piece of beach standing 5 meters away and making me terrible bulging eyes. I grab the junk in an armful, throw the bag off the table into the sand, and start walking along the shore, getting dressed on the go and going out to Bichka. That's where I get picked up by the cops. two in uniform and two in plain clothes. And they began to shmona immediately without leaving the place. Everything was turned out, even the back cover was removed from the phone. And quickly so, and in four hands at once. You wouldn't be able to keep track even if they threw it up at that moment. But it worked. Everyone returned, lost interest, two in civilian clothes went to where I was sitting, seeing a bag of grass to look for. Those in uniform turn away and chat about theirs. There are no questions to me, I leave at a slow pace with acceleration. And so it would be a real problem to the fullest. And I would call everyone as well, and write.

Petty divorces on services

Solution: Double-check and clarify everything. Stories:And another divorce. On scooters, parachutes, bananas, if you do not notice the time yourself, they really roll half as much. Also trifles, but also unpleasantI also had a situation in Bangkok in the District of Khaosan at 7/11 came a little drunk, a bottle of beer "Chang" small took to the cash register came 1.000 dal , I am waiting for change , the girl says goodbye to me, well I laughed loudly in her face, she also laughed, gave change I recalculate 100 baht is not enough, I laughed loudly in her face again, she also laughed, opened the cash register and finished 100 baht.After such cases, I want to nail such comrades, but I have to laugh.Place of action Pattaya, mid-December 2010. One day I decided to look at the statue of the Golden Buddha.Having taken all the necessary photos, I saw the park below.Finding some path I went down.The park, as it seemed to me, was absolutely deserted.No sooner had I taken a couple of pictures, as three young Thais came out of the gazebo and began to shout something about 200 baht.Realizing that I was getting into trouble, I turned around and accelerated my step went back.Out of the corner of my eye I saw that two of them rushed me to the cut,and the third compartment of the escape route.The only thing that saved me was that a car with a Thai family drove up to the observation deck.Seeing this they turned around and went back.I also noticed that each of the back pockets had a slingshot sticking out,and from the slingshot and a steel ball small will not seem small. The only photo of the park.When I go to Bangkok, I always stay at O'Bangkok On Soi Rambuttri. I left things there for overexposure many times and no problems arose. In February, they had no seats and I stayed at the Sawasdee Smail Inn next door. Then I left my belongings there for overexposure, so as not to drag with me to Koh Samui. They stole toilet water that I bought from Singapore Duty. New, not printed. The bag contained souvenirs from Vietnam and Sing, winter clothes and winter shoes. There were also collections of bon (Thai baht and Vietnamese dong). Only eau de toilette was missing. The price of the issue of 124 Singapore dollars – it seems to be a trifle, but the sediment remained. I tried to file a complaint with the tourist police, but they refused to accept it, while showing the maximum participation (in my opinion, quite ostentatious). The Sawasdee reception staff showed no interest in the information about the theft at all (they simply did not talk to me about this topic), from which we can conclude that either they are aware of the theft from luggage, or they themselves stole (the key to the storage room is stored at the reception). After reading this thread, I am more and more convinced that the further you go, the more Thailand spoils.Hello everyone! My first post on the forum, asking for advice on one unpleasant situation. Now in Patong, I will be here until Saturday, yesterday I got into an unpleasant situation, including the police. I went in the evening to the bar on Prachanukhro rd, next to the hotel, to play billiards. Everything is traditional – I take myself a beer, ask the first girl I come across to make a company (fortunately I was the only visitor and there was no one to be distracted by), I take her Lady Drink for decency and play. Every night I play like this, I love the pool, but this is the first time I've been to this bar. Somewhere in the second or third game, she says, like, if you win, I buy you a beer, if you lose, you ring the bell. I'm basically aware that it usually costs money to ring the bell, I clap the bag on my belt, I say something like "No money with me" (indeed, there was fifteen hundred dollars with me), to which she replies in the spirit of "No ploblem, it's free, you're my friend". And later he asked again – definitely no problems and nou mani – yes, yes, he says. Well, since there are no problems and its free, I agree. Again, except for me, none of the patrons in the bar. So we play for about an hour, I am offered sex, massage, etc. – I refuse everything, I came to play really, even for the asses they were not enough. As a result, I played an hour or an hour and a half, drank 3-4 Chang, rang the bell 3-4 times during that time. I'm going to leave, I'm getting a 7500 bill rolled out. Of course, I explain that the girl told me twice that everything is free, they do not want to listen to anything, they poke their fists in the nose menacingly and the menu with the price, where ring a bell costs 1000p. I give them everything that is, 1600p, explain that there is no more, that 1600 for an hour of billiards and a few chang is already – they do not want to listen. Five minutes proved something to each other, then I could not stand it, left all 1600 cash and calmly went to the hotel, fortunately it is a hundred meters away. They're following me. The situation is bad, because it is clear that there is a banal divorce, on the other hand there are no formal reasons to send girls either – here is the bill for 7500, but my money, 1600, is a mess. Call the police by car, go to the station. There, for another half an hour, I explain and write on a piece of paper that I was told several times that it was free, and the menu and the bill were shown at the end, I ask the police girl in the forehead several times – "Did you tell me that no problems and its fries? I showed you my wallet and told you I didn't have enough money?" – she doesn't answer directly, she walks away from the question, it stands on the fact that "we agreed that if you lose, then a bell". I explain to the police that this is a trivial divorce, that even if they decide that I am guilty, I will have nowhere to get the money because I have already given the last one, and there is no more on the card or in the room. The police are listening, in their eyes the same thing – "we understand that there is a divorce and that you are not guilty, but formally you will not find fault." As a result, a representative of the Russian Federation in Phuket is called. A young guy arrives with braces and small pigtails (I did not immediately understand that this is our consulate) and talks to the police and a girl for 15 minutes, explaining to her that she is a breeder, that 1600 for an hour of billiards and 4 beer is more than horseradish, and so on. periodically switch to elevated tones. Thank you to him (in the heat of the moment I even forgot to know what his name is, if anything – hello to him) is huge, he settled everything, the police gave the girl 1600 of my baht, bills, and said like "go home, bored, that's your money, this is enough." Then the girl turned into a gorgon, began to shower threats and curses in the spirit of "now just try to at least walk past my bar, let's kill", so the police almost pushed her under her arms. I was advised not to linger and take a taxi home, which I did safely. Thanks again to both the police and our representative, whose name I never asked.Until recently, when staying in Patai, I liked to get a massage on the beach. Price 200 baht, ointments with menthol, adult madam in special clothes. You lie in the shade, relax. This time, leaving the basic things next to the chaise longue, under the supervision of a girlfriend, he took with him a small handbag (where the money lay) The masseuse was found immediately, spread out a blanket. I put the bag next to her bag, at her feet. So that during the massage it does not interfere. I'm lying on my back. The back is massaged. Grace. A friend comes up to her and sits down where things lie. Words are exchanged, the tone is unusual. My girlfriend sat for about five minutes and left. The massage ended after forty minutes. I gave two hundred batts, kapancap said. Back to the sunbed. My friend says that while I was lying down, a Thai man came up to her and asked who, what and what we were doing. Is it the first time in Thailand…So funny, he says. I even gave me water. After the beach went to change money. I look, but a hundred dollars is not. In one pocket of my bag was a trifle (about a batt of 800) and in the other 100 dollars. ( specially took in the morning from the safe ) So they were cut. So it's that simple. When a massage is done, and the client lies on his back, and the masseuse massages his back. Another lady climbs on a handbag. And the man distracts your friends. Maybe there's someone else. On the safety net.Flew to Phuket and settled in a closed village, not far from Chalong. The territory is approximately a hectare of land, fenced, a choice of several houses, and heasts. Two families arrived and occupied two small gestas next to each other. How much has been written and said that money and valuables are not left in the room, so no. They left it for the reason that my friend has practically no experience of traveling abroad, and it seemed to him that no one would take it, because the territory is protected, the people have very little rest, and even those Finns and Hungarians. In short, he goes out on December 30 on the porch and with a gloomy look declares the "pistov" no money. It turns out he kept them in a crouched nightstand. In the purse there were 2 packs, in one 4500 greens, in the other a mower. The last check of the cache was on the 27th, that is, within 3 days someone washed them away. And they did not take the entire amount, but only half, a total of 2400 bucks. They called the owner of the resort, raised all the staff, of course all in refusal. My friend's attitude couldn't get any worse. The hostess says let's go to the police, write a statement. We discussed this point at length, whether to write or not to write. The friend insists that all this is empty, the chances are 0. No one will ever find it. As a result, with long disputes and persuasion, they went to write an application. We waited for the opera for 40 minutes, came, asked a few questions, wrote down the amount in my notebook and says roll, tomorrow I will send a group to the hotel, they will sort it out. A friend's mood is just "kick-ass" quirky. Says the teprey made sure that there is no chance, they did not even take the application. We sat in the evening, drank, resigned ourselves to the fact that the grandmothers could not be returned, and fuck with him. On the morning of the 31st, no one arrived, this finally convinced us of the meaninglessness of appealing to the cops. At 16.00 the "operational group" arrived, looking about 20-22 years old, dressed as scooter rentals on patong, while judging by the eyes either smoky or tired. In short, the look of the cops does not inspire optimism. We did not even approach them, we showed only the place of theft and the wallet in which the money lay, and went about our business, bathed, drank, and so on. At the same time, some proceedings and interrogations go to the gazebos near the restaurant, but we, we have already reconciled. At 19.00 the hostess calls under the canopy. I walk up, I look at the roaring cleaner, and on the table there are bills of "green" and some gold bribs. It turns out that the cleaning lady stole the money, but managed to exchange and spend 1400 dollars, and spent everything on gold jewelry. The thing remained untouched. They returned the thing to us and assured us that the cops would go with the girl to the store where she bought it and give it back, then give us the remaining amount. You have no idea how shocked we were!!! First stolen, then found within 3 hours, and all this on December 31!!!! My friend was ready to kiss the cops, but they limited themselves to a gratitude of 300 bucks, and even then because I insisted on this amount, he at first wanted to give them half, so he was glad. I hope this story will be instructive for people, in terms of observing basic safety standards when leaving valuables in the room.Yesterday we flew from Suvarnabhumi to Phuket. There were small padlocks on the suitcases. Upon arrival in Phuket, there were no locks on the luggage. According to the state of things, we realized that the suitcases were being opened. Nothing was missing from the things, and there was nothing to take – swimming trunks and T-shirts. Such cases.

– Koh Chang. Take a taxi with a friend, 10 minutes walk. – How much does it cost? – 50 baht. We arrive, I give the stolnik, it was not smaller. I'm waiting for change. Answer: – Do you want to blaspheme? 50 from each. What to do in this case? Arrange a disassembly for 50 rubles? Conclusion: Clearly stipulate the price of the trip, specifying the number of persons.

I'm going from Klong Prao to pirates restaurant. Thais don't know that. I say: – 10 minutes drive, I will show. How much will it cost? – Hooey knows, we don't know exactly where you're going. Let's go, we'll figure it out, everything will be OK! As a result, a stolnik is announced, although the normal price at this time (seven in the evening) is a poltinnik. Inference. Thai OK! not satisfied. Clearly stipulate what, and what.

Five of us slow down a taxi from Klong Prao to White Sand Beach. – 250 baht. – Well, hello dear, I was driving for 60 yesterday. – So there are five of you. And not at all. We defiantly began to vote. The guy only fell to 200. I didn't want to stand, and there were few cars. That's the calculation. I got the impression that if someone paid for a favor once, the Thai decides that this is normal, and everyone else should do so, and those who resist are just freaks. A taxi, if necessary, immediately turns into a minibus.

Taxi in Bangkok from the Royal Palace to MBK. A couple of taxi drivers break 200, skip. The third plantes "on the counter", everything is as it should be – landing 35 baht. We go for thirty minutes, the places are familiar. The guy is suspiciously pissing a lot. We arrive – on the counter – 275 baht. /For reference 40 km. – 280 baht./ We learned how to tighten the counters on the go. It was possible to arrange a showdown with a call to the park or the tourist police. But a man was waiting for me, and I did not want to waste time. That's what are counting on.

Koh Chang. Klong Prao Resort Hotel. Shop near the Reception. Seven in the evening. – Do you have Di-tek payment cards? – Yes, 300 baht. – Give me three. Thank you. Morrow. I was going to replenish my account. I pull out the maps. I see the inscription 1 – 2 – Call. I go to the store. – Hello! And what did you sell me? Change or return the money! – It's impossible! The dialogue is greatly shortened. But the meaning is unambiguous. I go to the reception. I explain the situation. The result is zero. I understand that I'm being sent to fuck, but I'm trying to figure out which one. I call Alex MF, although I try not to disturb the locals with domestic problems, it is very jammed. Alex talks to her aunts. In the course of the conversation, it turns out that she warned me, and I – a ram – and did not understand. Of course, I am not fluent in English, but if I heard 1 – 2 – Call, I would certainly be wary. Although, maybe she spoke Thai! When Alex asked why she even offered the farang other cards, the aunt could not answer. She babbled about the fact that if she took the cards back or exchanged them for another product, she would be scolded. You could wipe myself off, buy a 1 – 2 – Call SIM card, and use these cards, but I decided to do a little experiment. I took the cards to the reception, explained that the problem needed to be solved, and left. Do you think they solved it? That's right, take the cards for yourself and forget about the very existence of the problem. After that, it was six days before I left for Bangkok. They smiled and pretended that nothing had happened. According to observations, almost any controversial issue concerning money will be resolved in favor of the Thai.

A month and a half ago, we used to buy shrimp in a wholesale safed between Klong Prao and Kai Bay (next to the 7 Years store). Then they took 150 kilograms. A week later we arrive – the cheapest are already 200 baht. Well, hell with you, but not bad inflation – 25%! Today we came to the same place, we say – are there shrimps? "There is, there is," they show the pretty shrimp. – Tu handred bat. – One Kilo, pliz. They hang a kilo, put it in a bag, give 500. Brings change of 200 baht. Make a WTF-style facial expression??? The girl smiles, says something to the men, mooes something to me. I also ask my companion: like, have you also heard about "toy handred"? – Yes, exactly. We give the shrimp, demand the money back.

About taxi drivers: – It is advisable to pay upon arrival at the place making sure of the reality of the destination: I was brought by a tucker: – Arrived. Only this hotel was not nearby and I had to take another taxi. or on Chang: – Everyone has arrived. WSB. – So where's the hotel? – There… – Well, take it to him, as agreed. Drove another 5 minutes ;O)

At the hotel, take the receipts of payment: one night I paid the duty officer, I was also very drunk. And in the afternoon I was again asked for payment. – How? That night I paid!? And in response, a smile

you can add another disabling of language understanding. California Fitness Center, networked, cool, Bangkok. 21 months customer their pumping on soybeans 23. Platinum Lifetime Card. The whole staff is helpful, understands me in both English and Thai. 3 weeks ago, I return from the hall to the locker room, I do not see my lock on the locker, the lock is expensive. When checking the pockets of jeans – there are no 1500-1700 baht, bank cards, rights on the spot, tlf. I felt I left it in the car. I try to explain the situation to the security in the locker room – the eyes are glass. I go to the reception of the rocking chair – no one understands any language – the eyes are glass. Before that, everyone understood, including about fucks, etc. I lead to the closet, showing gestures – understood. Solly, this is our first time. On the security hiss in Thai – again the thief appeared. I speak Thai – and what about me for the first time – they stop talking at all. As a result, they write down my claims and say that they will call in the evening – of course no one called. Every other day I come to the training – everyone is nice, everyone is smiling, everyone understands both Thai and English. We'll call, we'll decide, solli, which manager we talked to, and he's not. In the closet there is a lock with a bitten bow – not mine. By the end of the training, the police appear – three more cabinets are opened, a strong scandal, but quietly and with smiles. A few conversations with managers, a lot of salt, you can't smear on bread, etc. As a result, we realized that it was not easy to get away from me – they gave me a personal trainer for 1 month (12-18,000 baht).

Amari Atrium Hotel Bangkok. On the card 8 t r balance. I give the card to the check in, I need to pay 7500. Some kind of hitch, then a question – will you pay now or when you leave? I say now of course, and clarify 7500. Payment is issued by a check. In the room I turn on the Russian phone and catch SMS – refusal to buy 10000 tr. Next sms – purchase approved 7500 tr . I go to the check in I ask – what kind of shit in the form of 10,000? Without blinking an eye he replies – and I wanted to put them on deposit, although I submitted a voucher for 7500 to pay. Didn't take it off just because there wasn't enough on the map(ssuki).

on samui spewed recently purchased glasses in homepro. were lying in the cart on top. the trolley as they entered was given to the guards for safekeeping. then they brought it back, I went outside – brightly. I started looking for points – no. I thought to take them with me, but it was not a desire to carry them in my hands, especially in such a safe country, and everything was handed over to the guards. came back, I say where are my glasses. they say, you must have left the cart unattended when you left our store. I said nothing like that, checked the packages, no glasses. another 10 Thais had to explain what had happened. it turned out that there were surveillance cameras. went to see, really gave the cart back without glasses. they came back, they conferred there and said that they did not know anything, we could not help in any way. Good bye. I said okay, call policy. And I think I guess the film is going to be lost now, I should have taken pictures of everything. no one understood, I said again and again. then he said let's take the manager here. my aunt came, normal. went to erase the records. this time they looked normally from start to finish, saw that their man bent down and pulled them out. the next day the glasses were found. the employee was kicked out of their job, they said. lucky that there was a camera, that the glasses were lying in a prominent place and were fixed to her at the entrance. so fucking caught mudila and horseradish that would prove. and I'm sure he knew he didn't see anything on the record, but the brains weren't enough to do normally.

it was necessary to exchange 1000 baht to pay a person. went to a shop nearby, bought a pack of cigarettes. the seller fumbled around, eventually grabbed me a change and told me to come tomorrow for 100 baht. I thought it wasn't a question. we live side by side, we probably know each other in person. came the next day, I say, okay, come on a hundred baht. he says what a hundred baht? in short, stinked yelled. I didn't return the nifiga. well, come on, we don't buy from him anymore.

A naked divorce at an internet café he encountered in Pattaya. for some reason in other places, on the islands, I have not met such a cheap divorce. I don't remember the exact price, but that's not the point. shorter is the price tag 1 hour – 60 baht, 2 hours – I think 100 baht. well, of course the people, farangi that is, with a satisfied feeling sit down to work for a couple of hours. at the end of the work, it goes out to pay, and it turns out that 2 hours is 120 baht. – But you have it written in black and white – 2 hours is 100 baht. – Ah, it was you who should have told us in advance that you would work 2 hours, and of course idiotic smiles.